Biosan Naturals

Biosan Naturals is a fragranced granular product that works within a sanitary bin to prevent malodor and keep restrooms smelling fresh.

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Biosan Naturals offer a fresh fragrance blended with a natural mineral base developed specifically for tackling malodor in sanitary waste bins.


Biosan Naturals has been developed to provide an immediate fragrancing action which creates a pleasant aroma in the unit and surrounding restroom.

By using a natural mineral carrier from sustainable sources, the products are completely biodegradable providing no risk to the environment.

Biosan Naturals are available loose in a 1.25kg tub (500 doses) or in individual perforated sachets packed 500 per case.


  • Sanitary waste bins
  • Restroom waste bins


  • Pleasant natural fragrance released to the surrounding washroom
  • Formulated using natural materials
  • Biodegradable
  • Dry lightweight formula
  • 1 sachet per dose ensures cost effective accurate dosing
  • Very easy and safe to use – little training for operators required

Efficacy testing

Genesis Biosciences have developed exacting and unique tests to prove the efficacy of their products. These tests set extremely high standards which competitor products can only aspire to meet.


Biosan Naturals technology is able to keep odors at bay in a full scale sanitary unit over a 4 week testing regime.

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