Biosan e card

An eco-benign®, natural solution to prevent malodors in sanitary waste units.

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A unique, eco-benign® card offering a simple and effective solution for the prevention of malodor in sanitary waste bins.


Offensive odors in restrooms can lead to a poor perception of service levels by visitors and staff. By utilizing a fragrancing product in the sanitary bin, malodor can be greatly reduced.

With its pleasant, natural fragrance, Biosan e card offers a simple approach to deodorizing the sanitary bin, keeping restrooms smelling clean and fresh throughout the service cycle.

Biosan e card is produced utilizing sustainable materials, the product is fully biodegradable and offers an environmentally responsible solution to deodorizing the bin.

Available with either a cinnamon fragrance or orange fragrance. E card is packaged in cases of 1,000 containing 5 x 200 resealable foil laminate packs.


Natural odor prevention for:

  • Sanitary waste bins
  • Restroom waste bins


  • Efficacy - Product has been tested in actual sanitary bins, providing verification and validation for its efficacy in maintaining a pleasant fragrance throughout the service cycle
  • Reputation Management – Prevents bad odors and avoids incurring costs for early bin collection due to customer complaints
  • Environmentally responsible – Provides optimal performance with a minimal impact on the environment through the use of natural substances and biodegradable materials
  • Economical – Simple dosing system means no risk of cost overruns through product overdosing; 1 card per unit will last for a minimum of 4 weeks
  • Easy to use – No risk of mess or residue, minimal training and PPE requirement for service personnel

Efficacy testing

Genesis Biosciences have developed exacting and unique tests to prove the efficacy of their products. These tests set extremely high standards which competitor products can only aspire to meet.


e card vapor-phase odor prevention technology remains effective throughout the service cycle.

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