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evogen microbial products

Evogen microbial products

As a leader in the industries we serve, we have found that most suppliers of biological formulas offer the same type of products. Evogen leads the industry with innovative, application-specific products.

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Our Evogen microbial products are formulated with superior chemical technologies like eco-benign® combined with specialized bacillus cultures, to have a gentle or harmless affect on the environment.

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Evozyme products


The Evozyme range is a series of microbial formulations for use across a wide range of industries - from all-purpose cleaner to pond and lake management and beyond.

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Our Evobac broth formulas can be used in many applications, such as aquaculture and wastewater treatment, where surfactant-free formulations are required.

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Biosan antimicrobial products

The Biosan range is based on natural, biodegradable raw materials and essential oils that effectively deodorize the bin throughout the service cycle.

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