We’re incredibly pleased to announce that we won ‘Green Business of the Year’ in this year’s Cardiff Business Awards!

The awards ceremony took place on Friday 21st June 2019 at Cardiff’s City Hall, where the Welsh capital’s most exciting businesses and innovative people came together.

Group shot of Cardiff Business Awards winners
Photo: Business News Wales

Having been nominated in 2 categories, we were thrilled to win Green Business of the Year – a true achievement to reflect our commitment to a safer, cleaner world.

As Cardiff Business Awards puts it, “This award recognizes those businesses for whom sustainability is at the core of their activities or whose products, processes or practices have resulted in significant environmental improvement.”

Genesis Biosciences wins ‘Green Business of the Year 2019’!

Several of our hard-working team – including Debbie, Peter, Phil, and Chris – were there to collect the award and celebrate accordingly!

The award has taken pride of place in our boardroom, alongside our other much-treasured awards.

Our award success is the result of how we research and develop ground-breaking, environmentally responsible, eco-benign® technologies utilizing natural microbial and anti-microbial active ingredients, removing the need for harsh chemicals that can damage the environment and pose long term health risks.

But our disruptive technologies and scientific innovation wouldn’t exist without our incredible, talented team.

From PhD scientists to former employees of the US Food & Drug Administration, our transatlantic team are the brilliant minds behind some of our boldest, most environmentally-innovative concepts.

Our UK General Manager, Dr. Emma Saunders, said:

“It is with great pride that I can announce that Genesis Biosciences won the award for Green Business of the Year at the Cardiff Business Awards on Friday evening. A great result!

A huge thank you to our wonderful team for all that you do – and here’s to the next award!”

Photo: @CardiffBizAward, Twitter

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