Evogen Renew Plus

Evogen Renew Plus is a liquid bacterial concentrate that immediately reduces malodor on application and delivers effective, long-term odor control. Evogen Renew Plus is for use in restrooms, automobile interiors, refuse collection areas, agricultural production facilities and other commercial cleaning applications.

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A liquid bacterial concentrate which combines unique eco-benign® chemistry and application-specific bacteria to offer a proven, innovative and effective long term approach to odor control.


Odors are a major problem in many situations. Air fresheners are generally perfumes that use a strong pleasant smell to mask the bad odor, but they usually work for only a short time and are easily overpowered. A range of chemical odor counteractant technologies have been developed and are now used in major retail brands.

However, Genesis Biosciences has taken the best of these technologies and combined it with bacteria, which gives a three pronged attack on odor problems:

  • The fragrance (already present in the formulated version or added by the customer) helps to immediately reduce the malodor.
  • The eco-benign® chemical odor counteractant then binds any existing odor molecules, preventing them from being detected by the nose.
  • The application-specific bacteria in the product produce extracellular enzymes that degrade organic matter such as proteins in the application area. The products of this degradation are then taken into the bacteria cells and used for growth. Thus the slow breakdown of these materials, which would otherwise result in the formation of many malodorous compounds, cannot occur and the odor is prevented at the source.

This unique combination has been proven to provide highly effective and long term odor control in both laboratory and field applications:

  • Urine and washroom odors
  • Spoiled food products such as milk
  • Fish and fish oils
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Other odorous chemical compounds such as volatile fatty acids, ammonia, mercaptans and hydrogen sulfide
  • Dumpsters and garbage pails
  • Water treatment plants


  • Restrooms
  • Carpets and fabric care
  • Automobile interiors
  • Refuse collection areas
  • Pet cages and pens
  • Agricultural production facilities
  • Large scale applications such as landfill sites
  • Disaster remediation
  • Water treatment plants

Advantages of Evogen Renew Plus

  • Superior formulation with focus on complete odor elimination
  • Unique eco-benign® odor encapsulation technology binds and traps odors immediately
  • Optimized proprietary bacterial consortium degrades a broader spectrum of substrates
  • Application-specific bacteria rapidly degrades organic materials
  • Biological action removes odors at source
  • Product efficacy proven by field trials - proven to work against a wide range of odors
  • Excellent ‘light duty’ cleaner
  • Highly effective eco-benign® formulation - product is readily biodegradable
  • Product is safe for users and the environment
  • Easy dilution for formulators to create biological odor control products
  • Manufactured under strict quality control standards to ensure high quality and purity

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