Evogen Carpet Concentrate

Evogen Carpet Concentrate is a highly effective carpet cleaning solution that offers superior cleaning, fiber conditioning and prevents re-soiling. Its unique eco-benign®, odor-encapsulating, technology also means Evogen Carpet Concentrate traps odors immediately.

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A superior, fully-formulated carpet cleaner concentrate for exceptional long-lasting cleaning and odor control.


Evogen Carpet Concentrate provides superior performance and long lasting odor control. The surfactant package and the added stabilized enzymes offer immediate cleaning of a wide variety of stains on carpets.

The application-specific bacterial consortium penetrates deep into the carpet fibers for complete degradation of residual soils that may cause odors or recurrence of stains. Evogen Carpet Concentrate is fully formulated and is offered as fragranced or un-fragranced. This product requires dilution at a 9:1 ratio.





  • Spot carpet cleaning
  • Machine carpet cleaning

Advantages of Evogen Carpet Concentrate

  • Optimized proprietary bacterial consortium degrades a broader spectrum of substrates
  • Application-specific bacteria within consortium are highly effective against pet stains and pet urine odors
  • Complete degradation of organic soils ensures re-soiling does not occur
  • Highly effective eco-benign® chemistry offers superior cleaning
  • Documented field trials on soiled carpets and upholstery prove product efficacy
  • Demonstrated immediate efficacy due to concentrated enzyme action
  • Demonstrated long-lasting efficacy due to application-specific bacterial consortia
  • Dual surfactant blend offers superior cleaning, detergency and fiber conditioning
  • Unique eco-benign® odor encapsulation technology binds and traps odors immediately
  • Readily biodegradable components offer reduced environmental impact
  • Product is safe for users and the environment
  • Manufactured under strict quality control standards to ensure high quality and purity

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