We believe that people are our most important investment and asset.

Meet the Genesis Biosciences Team.

Genesis Biosciences Team: Management

In Europe and the US, our laboratories and research and development facilities are staffed with the most highly qualified chemists, microbiologists, fermentation specialists and engineers, including several PhD scientists. See many of them below, read our staff profiles and follow us on LinkedIn.


Conrad Mielcuszny, CEO (Meet the Genesis Biosciences Team)

Conrad Mielcuszny


Janice Nielson, Controller

Janice Nielson

Group Controller

Casey Smallwood - EVP, General Manager North America

Casey Smallwood

EVP / General Manager - North America

Emma Saunders, General Manager - Europe (Meet the Genesis Biosciences Team)

Dr. Emma Saunders

General Manager - Europe

Louis Davitt, Fermentation Manager, Genesis Biosciences

Louis Davitt

Fermentation Manager

Debbie Williams, Group Compliance Officer

Debbie Williams

Group Compliance Officer

Mauricio Amaya, VP of Technical Services, Genesis Biosciences

Mauricio Amaya

VP of Technical Services

Genesis Biosciences Team: Technical & Compliance

Our diverse and highly skilled R&D teams come from successful, high-science backgrounds in several industries including pharmaceutical, medical and the health sciences field.

This level of expertise in the research and development of performance-driven products and solutions is unparalleled in our industry and drives Genesis Biosciences to develop award-winning innovations.

Dr. Chris Charles

Research Scientist

Nadia Meghjani, Microbiology Supervisor, Genesis Biosciences

Nadia Meghjani

Microbiology Supervisor

Phil Caunt

Dr. Phil Caunt

Research & Development Specialist