Matthew Bart - Genesis Biosciences Employee of the year in the US

Conrad Mielcuszny, CEO of Genesis Biosciences, shares why Matthew Bart is such a deserving winner.

I am excited to announce that the Employee of the Year for the US is Matthew Bart.

Matt is the Process Engineer of our US facility and joined our team in October 2017. From the very beginning Matt has made vital changes to our business at a very critical time.

Matt’s primary focus has been on preventive maintenance and improved equipment efficiencies. One of his first acts was to align the maintenance department to the needs and expectations of the business. Under Matt’s leadership, the maintenance team successfully cycled through our maintenance standards to bring us back to good operational order.

His diligence and expert mechanical skillset means that our equipment is now at an optimal level. The output and results are that of a successful fermentation company.

Manufacturing process for Matthew Bart employee of the year award

Centrifuge improvements

Then there was the improvements to the primary functions of our centrifuge. Through logic and assessing OEM configurations, Matt put in place immediate corrections. This reduced manual cleaning and CIP time, and also reduced contamination risks.

Following this were the new regulations for non-target bacteria in our spore powder. These required new testing methods for detecting trace amounts. So Matt introduced new CIP solutions to cut highly-resistant spores from our system.

As well as this, Matt developed new transfer configurations. The result of these actions meant we met the new requirements and gained more business in the human probiotic market.

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Matt is also held in high regard for his troubleshooting and problem solving skills. While most of his focus has been equipment related, Matt has proven his stretch potential in other fields too.

Working with our Fermentation and Technical Departments, Matt helped to identify and remove contamination points throughout the facility. This helped improve our processes to ensure we provide the most stable bacteria available within our industry. Matt also has played a significant role in compliance – now every department has achieved new standards and higher levels of cleanliness.

Manufacturing process for Matthew Bart employee of the year award

A brilliant juggling act

Last year, we lost our Production Supervisor during several projects. So Matt took control of the production schedule to ensure we met our commitments. Like a brilliant juggling act, Matt balanced his management, compliance, and maintenance responsibilities along with production. All this kept the department streamlined and focused.

Matt then hired and trained Julio Falcon as our new Production Supervisor. This has taken production to the next level.

Today, the production team is working at optimal levels, meeting our business’ needs. It is an energized team that surpasses our quality standards.

Taking to the floor

Matt joined Genesis Biosciences after our building renovation project was well underway. Yet he still helped us to achieve our compliance goals to reach new markets. Matt was a natural and capable choice to lead major aspects of the project. He managed the day-to-day aspects of the renovations with the general contractor and prepped for, directed and supervised game-changing renovations. These renovations included:

  • Enclosure of the 30,000 liter fermenter
  • Installation of FRP on all walls
  • Installation of new ceilings, efficient LED lighting, and HVAC

Matt was instrumental in the installation of our floor coating too. He developed our inventory and equipment plan to meet our customers’ needs and requirements during installation. This was a huge undertaking. Yet under Matt’s leadership it was expertly executed.

Genesis Biosciences US - continued improvements and facility upgrades

A unanimous decision

Matt has proven himself to be an integral part of our team. He definitely lives our values of taking initiative and exhibiting leadership. Matt is kind-hearted and goes to extremes to help anyone in need. He’s respected within our company and is an absolute pleasure to work with each day.

Matthew Bart is the Employee of the Year Award for the US business and it is richly deserved. For the first time since we introduced the award, it was an unanimous vote.

Matt, thank you for all you do.

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