Genesis Biosciences are committed to ensure good environmental performance in all its business areas. Our environmental policy provides the necessary organisation, commitment and training to fulfill this obligation

We are committed to managing our business in a manner that minimises its negative impact on the environment and enhances its positive contribution.

We aim to monitor and continually improve environmental performance, pollution prevention and environmental protection through our environmental policy.

These aims will be achieved by:

  • Our commitment to comply with ISO14001 standard
  • Our commitment to develop an effective environmental management system and policy, by Implementing a framework of environmental objectives and targets based on the identification of significant environmental aspects and impacts
  • Our commitment to comply with the requirements of existing and future relevant environmental legislation and other requirements, and encouraging those working with us to meet the same standards
  • Our commitment to prevention of pollution, by setting environmental objectives

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Genesis Biosciences will promote its environmental objectives and will respond positively to enquiries and suggestions from both inside and outside the company.

All employees have responsibilities for policy implementation by participating and contributing to its success through their actions and suggestions.

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