Genesis Biosciences offers custom/toll contract fermentation services, in-house centrifugation and spray drying capabilities. Genesis houses state-of-the-art-equipment that enables us to excel in large, medium and small-scale runs without compromising quality.

Contract fermentation

Our fermentation services include:

  • Shake flasks – Starter cultures
  • Pilot-scale fermentation – Small customer orders and optimization
  • Large-scale batch fermentation – Large-scale orders and custom fermentation runs
  • Centrifugation – Concentration slurry or paste available
  • Pilot scale spray drying – Custom or in-house spray dried cultures
  • Large scale spray drying – Custom or in-house sprayed dried cultures

Genesis Biosciences employs its unique 35-stage quality control method.

Our superior-quality, naturally occurring microbial organisms are the product of thorough in-process quality control checks and fully optimized conditions throughout the fermentation process.

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