Evogen Turbo Clean

Evogen Turbo Clean is a ready-to-use liquid bacterial cleaner and degreaser for use on any type of hard surface not harmed by water. With advanced eco-benignTM chemistry, Evogen Turbo Clean is highly effective in a range of applications, such as automotive cleaning, workshops and factories, fuel oil and crude tanks, parking lots and gas stations.

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A ready to use liquid bacterial cleaner and degreaser for use on hard surfaces in industrial and commercial applications.


A ready to use liquid bacterial cleaner and degreaser for use on any type of hard surface not harmed by water

Its effective cleaning and degreasing power comes from a formula that combines eco-benign® surfactants and solvents together with a specially selected bacterial consortium for the deep cleaning of a great variety of soils and wastes.

The readily biodegradable, non-petroleum based formulation is a safe and effective alternative to traditional citrus based cleaners.


  • Industrial, commercial and residential hard surface cleaning
  • Automotive cleaning and degreasing applications
  • Equipment cleaning and degreasing applications
  • Minor oil spills from automobiles on parking lots and gas stations
  • Effective cleaning of concrete and cement with grease accumulations

Advantages of Evogen Turbo Clean

  • Optimized, proprietary bacterial consortium degrades a broader spectrum of substrates
  • Advanced eco-benign® chemistry offers exceptional cleaning
  • Designed specifically for high soil/grease build-up, industrial and commercial applications such as workshop and factory floors, machinery
  • Highly effective in automotive cleaning applications such as wheels, tires, engines, auto exteriors, tractor trailers, RV, fleet maintenance
  • Essential for effective cleaning of fuel oil and crude tanks and the removal of sludge build-up for more efficient tank operation
  • Effective cleaning of fuel residues from concrete and cement in parking lots, gas stations, auto repair shops – residual biological action removes hydrocarbon based stains
  • Residual benefit for oil/water separators commonly found in mechanical and automotive shops
  • Highly effective against hydrocarbons and fats, oils and greases – eliminates grease on contact
  • Eliminates malodors at source
  • Highly effective eco-benign® formulation – safe for the user and the environment
  • Safe to use on all hard surfaces not harmed by water
  • Readily biodegradable, non-petroleum, ozone-friendly components offer reduced environmental impact
  • Manufactured under strict quality control standards to ensure high quality and purity

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