The Evogen Professional range is the latest complete range designed specifically for the facilities management and cleaning markets.

Evogen Professional

The need for Evogen Professional


These products provide increased efficacy of cleaning through formulations focussed on specific soiling areas and challenges found within these markets.

The result is a range of world-beating solution-specific products high on quality, performance and environmental responsibility. Products which continue working long after chemical alternatives have expired. This is the future of effective, efficient, responsible and economical cleaning; a real alternative to traditional harsh chemicals used across a wide range of industries.


Evogen Professional range

The value delivered by Evogen Professional is something often underestimated.

Not only is the cleaning simpler, requiring less or no mechanical action, in most cases, it is required less frequently, so cleaning is quicker, easier and more effective, providing real competitive and financial advantages to the operator.

Scientific verification and validation

No other microbial range can offer such comprehensive data as to the quality and validity of its products.

Every Evogen product has been scientifically tested for efficacy in its specific application and extensive product performance data is available on our technical data sheets which are available on request.

Evogen is eco-benign® by design.

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raw material

eco-benign® raw material selection

Raw materials used in the production of the Evogen range are all readily biodegradable with a low toxicity profile and are primarily derived from sustainable sources.


eco-benign® chemistry

The unique, eco-benign® chemistry present in Evogen microbial products is not only safe and environmentally responsible, it actually enhances product efficacy and provides a more stable environment for the bacteria.


eco-benign® packaging

All Evogen products are packaged within containers which have a harmless or gentle effect on the environment when handled, discarded and recycled properly. All Evogen packaging is recycled and recyclable.


No other microbial range can offer such comprehensive data as to the quality and validity of its products.

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Evogen Professional products

Genesis Biosciences recognises that their customers need to meet the demands of their clients in different ways and that a "one fits all" product is not the solution.

Evogen Professional represents a custom range for specific use. Having identified their clients requirement, customers can choose between the Evogen Professional products to fulfill performance and budgetary criteria. Please see our specific solutions section for further information.

Uses and sectors

Evogen products offers an innovative and diverse range designed with performance-driven, eco-benign®, application-specific solutions in mind. Evogen has been created to provide environmentally responsible, effective treatments for a broad range of issues across many industries.

Industry has a greater responsibility than ever to our environment. Companies are expected and, in many cases, required to find safe and effective ways to clean and treat waste.

Microbial products are the obvious choice for organic waste degradation but many microbial products combine harmless bacteria with harmful chemicals which defeats the purpose. Our optimised, application-specific bacteria strains are combined with highly effective, proprietary eco-benign® chemistry to provide unparalleled, documented results in each application.

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