Genesis Biosciences was incredibly proud to be the presenting sponsors for the ‘Art with Heart’ 2020 fundraising event on February 22.

For the past 10 years, the annual Art with Heart event has been successfully raising money for the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia – this is a cause close to our hearts, so we have loved being their presenting sponsor for the last 3 years.

At 2020’s event, we were the proud presenting sponsor yet again, alongside other sponsors like Georgia Power and Wanda & Bob Swoszowski, the owner/operators of McDonald’s in Northeast Georgia.

The event was a huge success, with plenty of art, ceramics, textiles and jewelry auctioned off to raise money for Northeast Georgia’s beloved animals.

Art with Heart 2020 – event gallery

Janice, our Financial Controller [right] with Anne Manning, a friend of Genesis Biosciences
Conrad Mielcuszny and Kath Shinwell
Conrad and Katherine Mielcuszny at ‘Art with Heart’
Casey Smallwood and Tony at 'Art with Heart'
Casey Smallwood and Tony Perotte Smallwood at ‘Art with Heart’
Katherine Mielcuszny, with Sam Threadgill of HSNEGA and event ‘Ambassadog’ Pepe

Pepe’s story

Pepe the dog

This tiny little fluff-ball (also pictured above) was a star guest at ‘Art with Heart’ 2020! This is his story from The Humane Society:

At just 6 weeks old, Pepe was brought to HSNEGA, tiny, weak, infested with fleas and severely anemic. He was so small he fit into the palm of your hand. We didn’t think he would survive the night but we had to try.

Your generosity and love gave him a fighting chance as he received urgent life-saving medicines, treatments, extra special food, and the love he’d never known. Slowly he began to eat, play and, most importantly, his fighting spirit was restored – all thanks to you!

Today, this little cuddle monster lives with his adopted Dad and is an Instagram star (@thepepedog)!

Finally, a superior way for pet-owners to clean dirty carpets…

With lots of pet owners amongst our transatlantic team, we’re a company of animal-lovers – that’s why we’ve formulated products with our beloved furry friends in mind.

Last year, our UK branch introduced a new campaign, ‘Woof‘, featuring Max the lovable-but-chaotic cockapoo puppy, to bring new odor control products to the British pet market. Dr. Emma Saunders (our General Manager for Europe and Max’s beleaguered owner!) is passionate about keeping our pets, homes and families healthy with NO unnecessary harsh chemicals in our cleaning products.

Our Evogen Professional product range is currently only available in the UK, but all of Genesis Biosciences’ products are formulated with the same scientific expertise.

For the closest US equivalent, try Evogen Carpet Concentrate for professional and commercial carpet cleaning. 

Evogen Carpet Concentrate is the perfect solution for removing spots, stains and dirt from carpets (essential when you’ve got pets!). It also provides long-lasting odor control, to keep rooms smelling fresh.

It’s ideal for machine cleaning too, so it’s great for commercial spaces with animals – from puppy play-centres to companies with an ‘office pet’.

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