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Our Facilities

our facilities


US Facility
  • ISO 9001 compliant facility – adheres to pharmaceutical level QA/QC/SOPs.
  • In-house fermentation – upstream and downstream processing.
  • Fully equipped microbiology and chemistry laboratories including ‘clean’ room.
  • Expertise in R&D of microbial products incorporating innovative Eco-benign™ chemistry.
UK Facility
  • The facility is a fully functional GLP standard laboratory
  • ISO 9001 certified including section 7 - product realization
  • Expect to receive ISO 14001 (environmental certification) in 2013
  • Expertise in R&D of microbial and antimicrobial products

Genesis Biosciences benefits from two well-equipped facilities each containing modern laboratories staffed with highly-qualified scientists

Our US facility in Atlanta, in addition to being a leading fermentation facility, houses microbiology, chemistry and QC laboratories dedicated to multi-disciplinary research into the use of microbial organisms for diverse bio-augmentation applications.

Our on-site fermentation facility houses fermentation vessels and downstream processing equipment specifically for the production of bacillus strains.

Our laboratories function up to biological safety level 2. The modern microbiology laboratory houses a Class II clean room, for the isolation and characterization of microorganisms and our microbiologists are highly skilled in strain optimization and enzyme profiling.

Our dedicated chemistry and QC laboratories are equipped with specialized instrumentation for development and analysis of innovative products and they specialize in particular in the research and development of the innovative eco-benign™chemistry which makes our microbial products so unique in the industry.

The US facility has full capabilities for liquid blending, powder blending, finished product packaging, including water soluble sachets, and solid block manufacturing.

Our European technical facility located in, Cardiff, UK houses comprehensive R&D and QC laboratories for the research and analysis of microbial and antimicrobial products.

The laboratories function at Biological Safety Level 2 and are fully equipped for a broad range of chemical and microbial analytical methods, including microscopy, bacterial growth analysis, microbial limits, biocidal agent validation, quantification and characterization of microorganisms and product stability and robustness testing.

Our European team is particularly skilled in the research and development of vapor-phase antimicrobial agents and products and have been continuously researching and improving our antimicrobial product offerings for over 10 years.

Genesis Biosciences customers benefit from the combined expertise of the staff at our two facilities as, although they are on separate continents, our US and European teams continuously collaborate, pool their expertise and support each other and our customers globally.