Staff Profile: Ashley Irizarry

20th Sep 2018By Genesis BiosciencesStaff Profile

As the QC Microbiologist at Genesis Biosciences, Ashley is primarily responsible for the spore analysis of our batches through proper and documented enumeration methods and environmental screenings to ensure our customers receive the purest products on the market. Ashley takes great pride in her aseptic techniques when performing our required procedures and easily lives up … Read More

Staff Profile: Ana Kewes

14th Sep 2018By Genesis BiosciencesLatest News, Staff Profile

As the Regulatory Affairs/Safety Specialist, Ana is in charge of keeping Genesis Biosciences compliant and safe. Her years of experience with the FDA makes her the perfect fit for the job. Here at Genesis Biosciences, Ana Kewes is involved in managing regulatory strategies, preparing us for all US and international regulatory submissions and keeping the company safe by … Read More

Staff Profile: Eddie Ramirez

14th Sep 2018By Genesis BiosciencesLatest News, Staff Profile

As the Fermentation Supervisor here at Genesis, Eddie is key in meticulously overseeing our high quality fermentation practices and fermentation team. Eddie’s skills and experience – informed by his lengthy career in fermentation, microbial process engineering and biosciences – are essential to the continued success of the Fermentation department, and in his role as Fermentation Supervisor at … Read More

Staff Profile: Dr. Chris Charles

14th Sep 2018By Genesis BiosciencesLatest News, Staff Profile

As a Research Scientist who joined Genesis Biosciences in 2017, Dr. Chris Charles brings his expertise in molecular and applied microbiology to our team. After many years honing his research skills and developing his scientific knowledge, Chris officially became Dr. Chris Charles in 2017 after completing his Ph.D in the biodegradation of isosaccharinic acids under alkaline conditions … Read More

Time-lapse video: Watch our brand new antimicrobial floor being fitted

11th Sep 2018By Genesis BiosciencesLatest News

As part of our on-going improvements, we’ve fitted brand new antimicrobial flooring throughout our facility – watch this time-lapse video to see the transformation for yourself. The new flooring provides a more safe, sanitary and durable alternative to porous concrete flooring which can retain moisture and harmful microbes. The new antimicrobial flooring is the most effective material … Read More

Staff Profile: Katie Edwards

8th Sep 2018By Genesis BiosciencesLatest News, Staff Profile

As a Research and Development Scientist at Genesis Biosciences, Katie is responsible for developing our product line extensions and carrying out research into the application specific capabilities of our Bacillus strains in our UK lab. Before joining us as a Research and Development Scientist, Katie began with a degree in Biochemistry from Warwick University in England … Read More

Staff Profile: Nadia Meghjani

4th Sep 2018By Genesis BiosciencesLatest News, Staff Profile

As a Microbiology QC Supervisor at Genesis Biosciences, Nadia Meghjani uses her scientific expertise and attention to detail to ensure that our products meet our high quality control standards every single time. As a microbiologist, Nadia Meghjani has a good eye for meticulous details – making her a perfect fit for the role of Microbiology QC Supervisor … Read More

Staff Profile: Louis Davitt

30th Aug 2018By Genesis BiosciencesLatest News, Staff Profile

As our Fermentation Manager, Louis Davitt makes sure our fermentation processes are scientifically sound, closely monitored and thoroughly documented. Alongside his important duties as a member of our elite management team, our Fermentation Manager Louis focuses on innovation and new ideas for the company. Leading the fermentation team, Louis directs all fermentation processes, new strain discovery and optimization, and … Read More

Staff Profile: Betsaida Santos

24th Aug 2018By Genesis BiosciencesLatest News, Staff Profile

As Technical Support Scientist here at Genesis, Betsaida plays a key role in the day-to-day operations of the lab – making sure our procedures are safe and our products are meeting our high quality control standards. Our Technical Support Scientist and Preventive Controls Qualified Individual (PCQI), Betsaida plays a key role in our US compliance taskforce. She applies … Read More