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Microbial Product Development Expertise

Microbial Product Development Expertise

microbial product development

  • Development of performance driven, Eco-benign™ products
  • Strain optimization and validation expertise ensures products are always application-specific
  • Eco-benign™ raw materials and chemistry ensure products are environmentally-responsible
  • Extensive expertise in combining bacteria with other key ingredients
  • Products are always scientifically validated and verified
  • Comprehensive stability testing
  • Custom product development

Genesis Biosciences specializes in the development of high-quality, performance-driven microbial products by combining unique and innovative eco-benign™ chemistry with optimized, solution-specific bacteria strains.

All Genesis biosciences microbial products are designed with an emphasis on product performance and stability as well as ecological safety in order to create more advanced, effective solutions.

We have carried out extensive research into strain optimization and strain enzyme production capabilities, which has allowed us to create highly-effective, performance-driven, application-specific microbial products. Prior to inclusion in a formulation individual strains and consortia are tested for efficacy against particular substrates. The finished formulation is then function tested to ensure efficacy.

We have researched the most compatible, eco-benign™ raw materials available; our unique, proprietary eco-benign™ chemistry is not only safe and environmentally responsible it actually enhances product efficacy and provides a more stable environment for the bacteria.

All Genesis Biosciences microbial products are scientifically validated and verified to ensure high-performance and efficacy in their intended application.