Genesis Biosciences US facility - new investments and upgrades

Important announcement for our customerswe’re making continuous improvements to our facility – here’s what you need to know.

The building will be closed from July 9 until July 13 2018, but ….. it’s for an excellent reason! On July 9, we’re fitting brand new antimicrobial flooring throughout our facility as part of the ongoing site refurbishment.

The new flooring is the most effective material of its kind on the market today. It will provide maximum safety and hygiene in fermentation, production, downstream processing and the warehouse areas and will therefore ensure continuity of the high standards you’ve come to expect from Genesis Biosciences. It will also bring us closer to our goal of cGMP, FSMA compliance and ISO22000 certification.

We’ll be temporarily stepping away from our equipment so that the floor can be fitted so if you’ve placed orders with us, all deadlines and orders will be met as expected.

For new orders, please get in touch with us by June 29 2018 to guarantee fulfilment by your preferred date.

Our new floor completes the first stage of improvements we told you about in our end of year newsletter. We made significant capital investment in our company and staff, which started with big improvements to our facility last year.

Genesis Biosciences US - improved processes and quality control

We completed our lab expansion to support the infrastructure for growth with the addition of two new labs that give us dedicated areas for additional research and development, three office suites for our technical staff and a new retention sample room along with the full refurbishment and repositioning of the existing laboratories.

To enhance process efficiency and provide a sanitized and safer working environment, we constructed a purpose-built enclosure for our outside fermentation equipment. This is now connected directly to the facility which allows for a dry environment with a constant ambient temperature.

We also saw a full remodel of all walls and ceilings within the facility and upgraded to non-porous cleanable surfaces for improved sanitization.

Genesis Biosciences US facility upgrades and specialized staff

We implemented new HVAC throughout our entire business for complete climate control for increased staff comfort, maximum energy efficiency and decreased environmental risks.

We also optimized our downstream processing by moving our new spray dryer, centrifuge and other downstream processing equipment into a fully separate, sanitized suite within the facility. This, together with our optimized processes, delivers efficiency and the highest quality for our methods of production as we head towards our goal of cGMP and ISO22000.

We added a whole second floor to the facility including new conference and meeting facilities, a new administration suite, sales and customer service departments and further offices to accommodate our expanding team. This allowed us to repurpose ground floor space where we added new offices to accommodate our laboratory, regulatory affairs, fermentation teams, and several meeting rooms.

We’ve broken ground on a brand-new building to expand our capabilities … our second phase of improvements is underway!

Whilst the installation of the floor coatings completes phase one of our improvements, three weeks ago we broke ground on the foundation work for phase two, which is the addition of a brand-new, on-site facility to house the expansion of our production department, so we can continue to meet our customers’ expectations whilst our company grows.

We’ll also have new and expanded parking facilities to accommodate our growing team and visitors to our facility as we always enjoy visits from our customers and associates!

If you have any questions regarding our site improvements or any of the above, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


For new orders, please get in touch with us by June 29 2018 to guarantee fulfilment by your preferred date.


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