Genesis Biosciences introduces EVOGEN the new application-specific, eco-benign, peformance-driven range of microbial products

Introducing EVOGEN the unique, eco-benign, application-specific and performance-driven range of microbial products from Genesis Biosciences. Evogen is the only range of microbial products with such comprehensive, scientifically validated and verified performance data. 

The need for Evogen:

  • As a leader in the industries we serve, we have found that most suppliers of biological formulas offer the same type of products consisting of a single standard bacteria blend for every product and application.
  • Competitors produce product formulas using harsher chemistries that are not environmentally responsible, while still making environmental claims.
  • With Evogen, Genesis Biosciences leads the industry with innovative products and solutions that deliver superior, documented, scientifically validated and verified results, and are safe for the user and the environment.

Why Evogen?

  • Evogen is eco-benign by design:  

Eco-benign bacteria, chemistry and packaging are designed to make Evogen the most environmentally responsible microbial products available.

  • Evogen is high performance: 

All Evogen products are specifically designed plus scientifically verified and validated to deliver `superior performance for each intended use.

  • Evogen is safe: 

All Evogen products are designed and formulated with superior environmentally responsible chemistry combined with specialized bacillus cultures to have a gentle or harmless effect on the environment.

  • Evogen stands alone: 

There is no comparison for Evogen. Our competitors do not offer such innovative, scientifically verified and validated, eco-benign, performance driven products and solutions.

For further information on the outstanding Evogen range, please contact your sales representative, visit our website or call us on (770) 963-0959.