15,000L Fermentation Tank at Genesis USA Facility 4,000L Fermentation Tank at Genesis USA Facility Fermentation Feed Vessel at Genesis USA Facility Interior of 15,000L Fermentation Tank at Genesis USA Facility Fermentation Feed Vessel at Genesis USA Facility

Fermentation Expertise

Fermentation Expertise

Fermentation Expertise

  • Highly skilled fermentation scientists and engineers
  • In-house fermentation and downstream processing
  • Tank capacity range enables consistent, customizable runs of all sizes
  • Active HACCP program and Zero defect quality control process means no re-runs, lower cost, shorter lead times and less environmental impact
  • Guaranteed spore quality, purity and stability


At Genesis Biosciences, we are committed to perfection in fermentation for a cleaner world and with more than 15 years of experience in extensive research, development and innovation, we set the scientific standard for the fermentation of bacillus spores.*

Our highly-skilled fermentation scientists have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of bacillus fermentation processes including strain optimization and optimization of fermentation media and parameters.

Our in-house, downstream processing begins with concentration of the strains by centrifugation and then spray-drying which maintains spore quality and purity as well as ensuring stability and shelf-life.

Our stringent quality control process ensures that our runs are consistent every time with zero defects, thus resulting in shorter lead times, more efficient manufacturing, lower environmental impact and higher cost efficiency for our customers. The strict standard of cleanliness within our facility ensures high quality organisms and our meticulous batch records ensure complete traceability and also allow extensive data collection

Our active HACCP (hazard analysis critical control point) program ensures that our goal of being a zero defect organization is consistently met.

Our on-site engineers and thorough preventative maintenance program ensure that our fermentation equipment runs at full capacity with no downtime so we can offer shorter lead times and most importantly performance-driven, high quality microbial products.

In-house fermentation and downstream processing ensures that Genesis Biosciences has full control of the manufacturing process and can therefore ensure that we produce microbial products of the highest standard.

*All our production microorganisms have a long history of safe use and are classified as Biological Safety Level 1 organisms, which are non-harmful to humans, animals and plants. No genetically modified microorganisms are cultured nor fermented at Genesis facilities.