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Dedicated Technical Sales Support

Dedicated Technical Sales Support

dedicated technical sales support

  • Dedicated customer-focused technical team
  • Highly qualified chemists and microbiologists available to assist and advise
  • Assistance with application queries and issues

At Genesis, we maintain the highest standards when it comes to supporting our customers. We employ a highly qualified, courteous and capable technical support team, which leverages its combined expertise in microbiology, chemistry and quality control, together with its thorough knowledge of our product lines and their intended applications, to provide our customers with unparalleled, comprehensive support and attention.

Our customers benefit from supporting product literature created by our team including accurate and up to date technical data sheets, material safety data sheets and labels. The technical support provided also extends to providing assistance with any regulatory and compliance issues experienced by our customers and, when needed, support in the field with product application and field trials.

Our dedicated support team promotes and continuously improves our customer project and sample request turnaround times, streamlines transfer of information to and from our laboratory to our customers and efficiently attends to any customer queries in a timely manner.