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Antimicrobial Product

Antimicrobial Product Development Expertise

antimicrobial product services

  • Customized product formulation and design
  • Feasibility/proof-of-principle studies
  • Product stability trials
  • Product validation studies
  • Product scale-up/transfer to manufacture
  • Product testing

Genesis Biosciences has extensive experience in the development of natural antimicrobial products utilizing essential oil and plant extracts. Our experienced team of scientists works continuously to provide innovative antimicrobial solutions for “real-world” applications.

Our antimicrobial products are based on our patented natural vapor technology. The main active components are based on our unique blend of volatile natural plant extracts coupled with innovative natural carriers, which work passively to disinfect the surrounding environment.

We combine microbial, chemical formulation and product validation expertise to develop high-quality, innovative and efficacious vapor phase antimicrobial products, custom engineered for specialized industrial and institutional applications.

We have qualified over 700 natural plant extracts over a 10 year period for inclusion in our antimicrobial products and the level of effectiveness of all of our antimicrobial products exceeds the performance of most chemical disinfectants.

All of our antimicrobial products have been scientifically validated and verified. In the absence of an international standard testing method for measuring antimicrobial activity in vapors, Genesis Biosciences has developed its own in-house methods which have been validated and verified by reputable external pharmaceutical laboratories.

As well as vapor-phase and essential oil and plant extract technology, Genesis Biosciences exploits the properties of its bacillus to modify natural micro-flora in soils resulting in improved cleaning performance and improved hygiene.